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Help with using MP3 Sound samples from Back at the Ranch Studio



In order to hear the MP3 soundbites, you must have an audio player device installed and configured on your computer.....

There are many free players available on the internet. We suggest that you use the Quick Time media player. It is small, quick, easy to use, works on PC as well as MAC, and is FREE! To download the free Quick Time player CLICK HERE. Then just follow the instructions to install and configure the player on your computer, and you'll be listening to our soundbites in a few minutes!


When you click on one of our soundbites, a new window with the player will open and begin downloading the music you have selected. It may take up to a few minutes to download each soundbite if you are on a slow dial-up modem, or it may only take a few seconds if you have a fast connection. Then use the controls in the playback window to play, rewind, and listen to your selection. When you are finished listening to that soundbite, be sure to close that soundbite window before you click on the next soundbite you want to hear, or your computer may become very slow and unresponsive. If you need help, go to the AUDIO PLAYER'S help menu and website for answers to your questions.

Do the above for each soundbite that you would like to hear. That's all there is to it!

Although I recommend the Quick Time player because of it's reliability and simplicity, there are other popular players that you may want to try also. If you decide to try other players, be prepared for some headaches, because additional players on your computer may cause conflicts that can be VERY frustrating to figure out. Two other players that many use are WINAMP and REAL AUDIO PLAYER.

When you are done with this window, close it and return to the Back at the Ranch MP3 Soundbite page.

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